Finding Your Next Career: What You Will Learn In A Cosmetology Program


Whether you are just starting out in the work force, or you are looking for a new career, you can complete a cosmetology program within a year if you attend full time. You will learn much more than simple hair cutting and styling when you attend a complete beauty school program. You will learn nail care techniques, the art of coloring hair, how to give perms, how to set hair, and the proper way to blow dry. In addition, you'll learn a variety of skin care techniques, how to apply makeup, and other beautifying procedures. When you are interested in helping others improve their overall look and you want to learn how to provide a number of services, you can do this by attending a cosmetology program.

Choosing to Nail a Specific Program Instead

If you do not want to become a licensed cosmetologist, you can still attend beauty school to become a nail technician or a skin care specialist. Most programs offer the nail technician or skin care specialist part of their full program and as a stand alone education for those who simply want to do nails or take care of skin issues. When you want to provide a service to customers but you don't want to attend school full time, you can get started in the beauty field by completing a shorter program.

The Fine Art of Coloring

Coloring hair effectively is a skill that takes time to learn. While you are in a cosmetology program, you will learn coloring techniques that will improve the appearance of those that come to your for services. It takes experience to become a good colorist, and those that are skilled can build up quite a clientele when word gets out of their success. While only part of your education will be on coloring hair, you will continue to learn and improve your skills during each customer that you treat.

Learning to Cut and Style

Some of the first skills you will learn in cosmetology school is how to cut and style hair for both men and women. You'll learn how to use hair cutting scissors, straight razors, combs and brushes to effectively create a new style for an individual. You'll learn techniques to shape and style an individual's hai, and how to best cut and style a person's hair based on the shape of their overall face and head. 

You will learn many things when you attend cosmetology school, and you will be able to find a job in this dynamic field when you graduate.


7 March 2017

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