What To Know About Nail Tech Continuing Education


In the United States, the beauty industry has a market size of $42.8 billion, with nail shops accounting for a 15.9% share of that market value. When you want your piece of this pie, you need to learn how to take your career into your own hands. Education is the way to do this. Whether you specialize in French manicures or different colorful styles, consider the points below to figure out how continuing education opportunities can help and how you can take advantage of them. 

What are you hoping to gain from your nail tech career?

The first thing you need to consider is what you are hoping to gain from getting continuing education credits. You can use them to learn new styles and techniques that make you a valuable asset to join any shop. If you're a shop owner or aspiring owner, these courses can help you learn skills related to hygiene and disinfecting, business, efficiency, and other matters that'll allow you to grow and expand.

These courses could be considered an investment into your career because these newfound skills can increase your earning potential and the types of roles you can play in the industry. People that own nail salons might bring home as much as $75,000 per year in salary, depending on your area and the kind of salon you run. Map out where you're trying to take your career and figure out how more education can help with that. 

Have you found the help of a school that can assist you with your continuing education?

Once you have an idea of what skills you're trying to use to bolster your career, look into different schools that offer these credits. Get an idea of how much they charge per credit hour, in addition to how much time on task you'll have to put into the schooling before you receive your certification. You'll generally take a certain number of class sessions, and then will be able to take an examination to show your proficiency for the new skills. 

Find the help of a school that is certified by the National Cosmetology Association (NCA), the International Nail Technicians Association (INTA), and other organizations. Look into testimonials and alumni and find out what kind of practical use these continuing education credits can serve long-term. 

Use the points above and start looking into help from schools that provide continuing education for nail techs


27 September 2021

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