5 Indicators That Bridal Makeup Artistry May Be For You


Do you have what it takes to become a bridal makeup artist? This lucrative career choice can be a path to being your own boss and doing work that makes you and others happy. But how can you know if this is the right call for you? Here are five indicators that you might be a great wedding makeup artist.

1. You Can Get the Training

While not every makeup artist must have formal training, it will serve you well to build a solid foundation. Dedicated classes can help you expand beyond your natural limitations, learning valuable skills like working with different skin tones and how to use specific ingredients to solve specific skin or coloring challenges. This expands your pool of work and reputation. 

2. You're a People Person

Obviously, wedding makeup artists work with people most of the time. In addition to serving one or many people on the big day, you will also communicate and meet with clients on a regular basis. You also need to network within the local wedding industry community. So if you're good with people and can manage various personalities successfully, you'll be a great asset to any wedding party. 

3. You Like to Experiment

Because those who work with weddings have a wide array of clients with a wide array of goals and interests, you'll get the chance to try many different styles and techniques. Everything from color to intensity to unique designs can be part of individual clients' dream wedding days. If you like to learn new things and expand your horizons, you'll enjoy this freedom.

4. You Like to Travel

Do you want a career that gets you out of the office? Wedding service providers are always on the move, traveling to new and interesting places. Along with going to clients' homes, a bridal makeup artist also visits many unique venues and can find themselves working at the beach, on a mountain, or in a desert. 

5. You're Entrepreneurial

Wedding makeup artistry is generally done by an individual entrepreneur who wants to become their own boss. But an entrepreneur should be more than just skilled at the service they provide. They should also be willing to learn to run a small business, good at developing contacts, a savvy communicator, and self-disciplined to do the legwork of being a business owner. 

Where to Learn More

Want to know more about what traits may indicate you should pursue bridal makeup as an independent service provider? Start by visiting a makeup school like Bridal and Beauty School of Makeup in your area today. With their guidance, you'll soon be out making brides feel like queens and earning your own profit. 


16 December 2021

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